Production Line

Latest developer blog video (#77) [Alpha discussion] (1)
Slovenian "car" companies [Modding!] (1)
[Bug version 1.53] No customers and the game crash [Bug Reports] (3)
Minor suggestions [Suggestions] (1)
Camera need? [Alpha discussion] (5)
[Bug 1.52] Unable to Load Saved Game Files, Assertion Failure 2116 [Bug Reports] (2)
[Bug alpha 1.53] Sound sliders are broken. Beeping sound from Visual inspection headache inducing [Bug Reports] (3)
[Bug alpha 1.53] You can not play in 1024x768 [Bug Reports] (2)
Save file problem with trash data [Bug Reports] (2)
Slot component requirements unnecessarily fluctuating? [Alpha discussion] (1)
Refund GUI coming [Alpha discussion] (3)
The thread on better research balancing [Alpha discussion] (2)
Fixing all defects in cars [Alpha discussion] (3)
You shouldn't be charged for dragging new conveyors over existing ones (in some cases anyway) [Suggestions] (1)
In Game Missions [Suggestions] (1)
Showroom\Inventor [Suggestions] (10)
A few simple ideas [Suggestions] (3)
New player suggestions WIP [Suggestions] (1)
Upgrade all button [Suggestions] (5)
Latest developer video blog (#76 : Detroit Rock City) [Alpha discussion] (1)
The research ideas thread ( 2 3 ) [Suggestions] (40)
Adding Logos to Game [Modding!] (4)
Future Stuff (Partial development roadmap) [Alpha discussion] (11)
Feedback after playing [Suggestions] (2)
Suggestions for improvments [Suggestions] (1)
Tutorial crashes the game [Bug Reports] (1)
[Graphic Bug][Suggestion] Overhead Conveyor Graphic Sprite Overlay in wrong order [Suggestions] (1)
Battery production, more SFX and GUI improvements. Updated to build 1.53, Wednesday 27th June 2018 [Alpha discussion] (2)
Latest developer blog video: Compression of the robots [Alpha discussion] (5)
Chassis [Bug Reports] (1)