[0xc000007b] Just installed game , played for 2 hours , will not launch , nothing has changed

as the above text states . I just bought the game a couple of days ago. I managed to play without any issue or conflict for 2 hours , after that I quit the game to go do other things. I try and start the game up through steam and it launches , but nothing happens not screen flash no notification , i looked up the problem and have tried most if not all of the “fixes” , installing .dll files , verifying the game , adding exceptions to my antivirus software (malwarebytes) and or turning it off , running in compatibility mode , reinstalling the game , restarting my computer , even installing the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the 2013 Microsoft C++ distributables don’t work to no avail. i have not installed any other program since my playing of the game , so im rather confused on how to move forward with this .

i go into my games to find the debug file and i cannot find it even if i disable my antivirus and reinstall and try to launch the game.

the error i get when trying to run manually is [0xc000007b]

any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

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It might be the same issue as here.

yes perhaps , but how would i solve this issue then?

Try to follow the instructions inside the linked thread

I did , unfortunately it did not work , what else should I do?

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I’m very sorry it did not work, you can try to ping cliffski for help.