[1.0 Final] New race - His Voice


After 2 years of absence, I’m signing this off as v 1.0, thanks to WayofEnoch, who has kindly gone in and fixed the outstanding bugs

New download link is (thanks WayofEnoch)

description = “As the Federation waged war after galactic war, its wealthiest cadre found it increasingly fashionable to lead from the front in a revival of more gallant and, let’s face it, more stupid times. As a consequence of facing their mortality, said individuals were tending more and more towards the old beliefs, hoping to book their reservation in the VIP lounge of the afterlife. This, and the appearance of the Order, made for an opportune moment for those so inclined to revive the old faith. Now, having broken away from the Federation proper, and with the wealth of the most affluent former Federation members, these demented zealots will not rest until His Voice can be heard throughout the galaxy.”

In a nutshell a bunch of religious nutters with a penchant for bling and pomp

-Please note- I have used a sound file from the Order. If you do not have the order installed you will need to change the references in the custom weapons to point to another sound file

to install simply unzip to you GSB directory, and I recommend you delete any previous version you may have had installed

Happy blasting!

little bonus wallpaper/shipchart to make the content a little clearer, thanks to Adsadafafas for the idea:

wallpaper link

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Looks good. Nice use of white/silver.
That one with the claw-pointed wings is particularly cool.

the fedaration had babies with the swarm? the rebels are gona be jealous

Nah, the Crusaders got their back :slight_smile:

Hi all

Just a little update, got the cruisers into the game but still plenty to sort out…

I should sort out the turrets next i guess

Hello again

just to keep you all posted, this is still chugging along. Turrets are painted, custom modules/turrets are in (only 2 distinct, for now), and a few new hull classes are in (see below) so really I just have balancing and damaged and hulk gfx to do, which are no fun really. I may be really cheecky and instead of doing damaged/hulk I may just cover the ships in thick smoke for damaged and let them completely disintegrate for hulks, does anybody mind that much about these things?


Lol… dude, doing the damage hulls takes less than 5 minutes per ship… a ship without dmg hull will never look good in the game… just be aware… it is a shame, cuz your mod looks good, but without dmg hulls, it will a bit dissapointed.

Hmm… we’ll see, and thanks for the compliment

Well if u encounter too complicated to do the dmg hulks (believe me its not, its like doing the main sprite) , give me a pm and i will try to “teach” u and i give u some dmg textures if u want. If u are not, u should use gimp instead of paint.net

Thanks for the offer, i have done a couple in the past so it’s not technically challenging, just a drag :slight_smile: cuz everytime I sit down in front of gimp the below happens.

How soon till you make a release of this and this one is to you cliffski, Would this become a new race/ faction aka DLC possable, I don’t know who you two would work it out but i think it might be popular with everyone that it could make something happen.

Well, if I dont keep doodling and making new stuff (see pics attached) I may be able to get a beta out in a week or so, basically all done but balancing and scenarios. Problem is I keep deciding to add something new, instead of finishing what I already have…

Anyway, with regards to your second comment, I’m flattered but I dont see anything happening. Cliffski doesn’t need half-baked races adding to the game in any sort of official way, when the game is so mod friendly anyway. Some hosting would be nice though :wink: I’m not too keen on fiddling around with mediafire et al. when the time comes…

So yeah, the pics are some new ships I knocked together on Friday, along with the custom modules I’m working on. I know what you’re thinking, they’re completely unbalanced. For now they just fire the way they’re supposed to, I’ll worry about the number crunching later (oh joy)

Incidentally, is SirJamon still around? I wouldn’t mind donating the Ma’at to his Experimental project, if he’s still working on it


Fortunately I’m around here and slowly resuming my work in my mod :slight_smile:
And I accept your offer but, unfortunately, I won’t be adding it until I start adding the DLC hulls :frowning: (or at least after I finish the ‘who knows when it’ll come’ explosions update).

Btw, gorgeous mod you have there :wink:

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Well, when you want the Ma’at it should be ready.

Just posting a real quick update, finished all dmg and hulk textures, and redid the Archon, easily the ugliest of the ships until now, below is the new version being torn apart by rebels!

Still to do:
halo balancing
cleansing fire balancing
holy maker balancing
ship balancing
~36 names

damaged + hulk for:


I’ll remember to ask for the Ma’at when I finish watching hulls exploding lol (dreadnoughts need some time to get something nice and more or less long D: ).

Nice job with the damage and the hulk sprites and the Archon now looks better (btw, it took me a while to find the original >.<).

I’m reading this right? Around 36 names you need? If that’s the case digging around wikipedia for articles related to the naming trend you want could help. That or names suggested from the people in the forum.

About balancing I can only say that it’s sometimes faster to do when the mod is released :slight_smile:

I guess I won’t have to wait much more to be playing with these hulls, right? :3

Hehe, hopefully not long now, and I tend to agree, I think balancing may be better done after a little beta release :slight_smile:

I’ve scribbled out an outline for the scenarios, and I would have liked to make at least one of them against the Feds and HisVoice, but I dont know if it’s possible to mix opponents like that?

As for the names, His Voice ships will have awful and vaguely religious puns and aliterations for names. I have about 50 so far, and they really are terrible. My favourite, to give you an idea, is Psalmonella! I take a notepad with me wherever I go, and if I suddenly think of one I scribble it down whilst giggling to myself…

Aaaanyway, yeah, with a fair wind should be able to release something this week

Last time i checked you could have mixed fleets in your enemy AI deployment.
Its takes some time since you have to text edit the ini file to get the different ships in, but its fairly easy

Good stuff, I’ll have a play around with that tomorrow.

Another quick update, done some balancing, though overall balance is still prolly a long way off. I should have a beta release sometime tomorrow. I’ve spent today playing around with scenarios and will include one with the beta release, so you can blast some new ships out of space :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the way I did it was to set up the scene, backdrop, shader, anomalies etc, go into the game, deploy, then edit the deployment file to essentially flip deployments over to the other side. Is there an easier way, as I got a bit sick of calculating the new x positions…

Oh, and did my 1st scenario with custom backdrop, say hello to the Nimbus quadrant :wink:


Didn’t think I was going to get this out today (I lost a filling whilst having lunch! =( ), but it’s done! See the 1st post for a link


According to Megaupload, “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.” Has anyone else been able to successfully download this before now (3:32PM CDT)?