1.03 playtest and problems, bugs seen.

Just finished the game from a fresh 1.03 build and took Astra with me. Ending condition works good! :slight_smile:
Here’s some stuff I found. Seeing the game is getting more polished, I’ll get a little bit more nitty gritty with things; it’s the playtester in me :smiley:

Romantic Dinner: when you choose to talk about “work”, it doesn’t close the selection box and move on. It “tags” the topic though, so you can click “Work, Work, Work, Work, Shared Interests” and the game will say: “Bored talking about work, Bored talking about work, Bored talking about work, Bored talking about work, Happy talking about shared interest xenogastronomy”

If you are not currently in a relationship, and you go on a Romantic Date with somebody, but they are in a relationship with someone else (romantic rival), you will get POSITIVE points toward “romantic rival” for “going on a date with a romantic partner”… it should obviously be negative since this should cause them to hate your guts.

If somebody is in a relationship with someone else, there should still be a button for you to ask them to get into a relationship with you. I always get relationship requests from Spacebook friends when I’m already in one… what Spacebook client are they using? :smiley:

Likewise, if someone sends you a relationship request, and they’re already in a relationship, the buttons to accept-reject are badly placed in the UI due to the spot where it shows who they’re in a relationship with.

15 days to go, it started the day showing “0 actions today”. Was able to perform a before work action and everything proceeded as normal. Odd glitch.

“Romantic Trip To Simulated Themepark” and “How To Act On A First Date” should have their title text red because it’s considered a “romantic” event. I messed up a few relationships because I didn’t know.

Occasional freeze during the Commander Assistant day events. Screen will load, but no text will show. Nothing to click and thus have to kill the game. Seems to happen very sporadically. Happened twice this game.

I get a lot of people whining about “Wants Replies to Spacebook Messages (-10)”, including people I unfriend from Spacebook! I really don’t know what they want. I’ll even send off messages to them in the hope it’ll satisfy some missing requirement but it never does. Seems to be some status flags that aren’t clearing. Unfriending someone from Spacebook should clear all that junk out. Toward the end of the game, I was getting these left and right.

Speaking of Commander Assistant, aside from getting romantically involved with the hiring manager and grinding up Pandering to Authority, the other position requirements are pretty far out there. Now that the skill-load bug is fixed, I can go a whole game getting points almost daily for Schmoozing but never come anywhere close to level 10. Likewise for most of the other requirements. Is this intended or should it be rebalanced a bit?

Hope that helps! Great game!

Oh, my game settings for that game were Bigotry, Fickleness, Vanity at 0, Chattiness and Quirkiness at whatever they scaled to.