1.03 Severe playability hit

I was one of the ones that had the sound bug. I installed 1.03, and the game took a huge performance hit. It was a little slow on the menu, but in the battles I was getting maybe half a frame a second. Intolerably slow. Even with the FX off, the game slows down. Speeding up to anything past 1.2 makes the game choppy, and going to 2.0 is almost as bad as with the sound on.

I noticed the menus were a wee bit slow but I definitely didn’t take such a massive hit as you seemed to have. The in game battles were just fine


Yeah if I go where there is no fighting on the map all is well…but that smooth scrolling battle is gone.
It looks like a screenshot with rare updates if there is any action.

Huge performance hit in this patch.

I haven’t noticed anything like this at all. If you’re suffering from frame rate loss after 1.03b, can you post your system specs?

For example, I have an Intel Dual Core 2.66 GHZ processor.
2.75 GB of Ram.
Geforce GTX260 896MB video card.

And my computer’s name is Kryten. :stuck_out_tongue:

Each patch has been progressively worse for me as well. 1.02 had a little slow down, but now it has the kinda slow down I find in games like Supreme Commander where you have several thousand units on the map. I have a Intel Core 2 Duo with the two cores at 2.40 GHz and 3 gigs or RAM with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT. I play games like Bioshock, Crysis and Supreme Commander without this kind of slowdown, also I’m running windows XP Home Edition. Perhaps the people who aren’t having problems are running Vista?

Intel Core2 Duo
P8400 @2.26

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M

It was working great and I rebooted, took the patch and hit a brick wall. The fight still happens but I have to move to a corner of the screen where there is zero action, or everything stops. I have the checkmark out of everything now with little difference, where as before I had everything checked and it was as smooth as butter. shrug

Weird. I haven’t noticed any performance hit at all. Battles still run fine. (Core Duo 3 gig, 4 gigs of memory, Radeon 4870)

I haven’t had any issues when watching combat at 1.0 speed with the latest patch BUT if I speed things up it’s a different story. Before 1.03 I could turn it to 1.4, 2.0, ect and still have smooth combat. Now if I try to up the speed past 1.0 it seems like it’s SLOWER than speed 1.0 because it’s so jerky…

Perhaps this is OS based? I notice people are posting their computer stats, but not what OS they’re using. It may run fine for Vista but is getting the massive slow down for XP?

Ah ha!

Yeah I had only been watching at 4.0X and it had been smooth. (pre-1.03)

I just tried it at 1X with 1.03 and it doesn’t jerk or lock up at all. It is WAY faster at 1x than it is at 4X now. LOL hawt.

XP Professional. (Work computer) LOL

I have windows XP home edition, no problems here.

I turned off the sound and restarted my computer and now at 1.0 speed it’s fine, but like the others I have huge slow down at faster then 1.0

I’ll have to do some digging today to see what could have caused this. If there is anyone who has really bad performance with 1.03 and who has msn, can they email me? (cliff@positech.co.uk). I’ll try and get a fix done.

I haven’t noticed any performance changes from 1.00 to 1.03. Basic specs in my sig.

Gotta hate issues like that – the ones that only show up for some systems. That’s gotta make it a real pain to track down and correct.

I’m getting the slowdowns when increasing the speed as well (used to be smooth all the way to 4.0). However the game runs fine (with 4x speed) until someone fires a weapon(or at least close enough to that moment that I can’t tell the difference). The moment the shooting starts the game becomes a slide show.

And btw OS is Win XP Home (if ti makes any difference…)

It looks like it’s a problem that appears on 32bit OS but not 64bit, or it’s one that only affects XP… I’ve got an XP Pro (32bit) and Win 7 RC (64bit) install dual boot on my main PC (dual core, 4GB RAM, Geforce9800GTX+) and I get the big slowdown when upping the speed on XP but not Win 7. My lower spec work laptop is also 32bit XP Pro and hits the problem.