1.03 slowdown FIXED!

Hmmm, I’ve got 32-bit Windows XP on my (new) laptop and the old desktop, but the desktop has the slowdown while the laptop is pretty much fine. Which is weird, because the desktop has got the Nvidia 8800GT dedicated 3d accelerator, vs the laptop which has intel integrated graphics (granted, the latest iteration “Mobile 4 series”, but still…)

They both have Realtek HD audio, but I did notice that the laptop has RealTek driver 5.8.0000.5830 vs the desktop having 5.8.0000.5783 (or something like that in the 5700s). Hunted up a new audio driver from the Intel mobo site and updated to 5.8.0000.5911 - still no dice, it’s still jerky.

Then I did an obvious thing - I decreased the resolution. Going from 1400x900 to 1280x800 on the desktop. Lo and behold - no problems. And now back to high explosions in rousing battle music, now punctuated with the boom of ship explosions! Maybe there’s extra processing now that is actually working…