1.04 Fighters getting "stuck"

Was experimenting with fighters when I noticed that sometimes fighters will get “stuck” - it doesn’t appear that they’ve been tractored or anything, but they’ll stop moving. Usually I notice a clump of them stuck inside an enemy shield. They tend to wiggle a bit, and looking at their status it seems they still fire. After a while they’ll become unstuck and start moving around normally again. Easiest way to see this is to send some fighters optimised for speed at a stack like the arc welder challenge (although this seems to happen normally, it’s partucularly noticeable there). It seems this happens at a particular radius away from the ship - after a while there can be quite a few fighters stuck in an arc around the ship they’re attacking.

I’ve seen this too. It’s alwayS at af ixed distance from a ship, I always get little ‘rings’ or sections of rings around slow moving ships.

I also experience this problem, it seems that ships don’t shoot at the stuck fighters but I’m not sure, because I’d expect to see the fighters die rather fast if shot at while not moving.

Confirming fighters stuck. I’ve also noticed that stuck fighters are fired at after all other flying fighters are destroyed.

Not just fighters, frigates and cruisers get stuck as well, they still shoot and get shot at but they have the full evasion of a ship moving at full speed.
I expect this will be sorted in the next patch.