(1.06)LMB not working in deployment screen

This is a new bug for me since patching to 1.06 today. When I get to the deployment screen the left mouse button stops doing anything. I can right-click to get the rename box and get into the ship edit screen. It’s not 100% consistent- I tried a reinstall, and that fixed it for the one battle I fought. I came back a bit later and it’s happening again.

Edit: I can click on things in the rename box and in the ship edit screen just fine, but once I go back to deployment I can’t.

Update: I did a little experimenting. The scenarios I looked at had a pre-saved fleet to deploy. I tried a scenario with no pre-deployed fleet. I successfully dragged a ship onto the map… and my LMB promptly stopped working. I got this to happen more than once, but I need to go back and try a bunch of ships to see if it remains consistent.

New patch seems to have fixed it.