1.06 Observations

Let me say I am not a gamer, i’ve never given feedback before on something like this and I am a sesame street guy; orange, apple, orange what doesn’t belong. So please be tolerant of what some may observe as stupid comments, after all leaders of counties never say anything stupid.

Potential Play/Bug issue:

  • I have been able to get the economy stable, I then can institute Flat Income Tax on top of all the other taxes that the game started with like Income Tax along with a few that I added myself like plastic bag, junk food, congestion charging etc. The economy roars, unemployment is zero and everyone becomes insanely rich and while once in a while I will get a nag about multi taxes nothing bad happens and basically I can master the game get 100% of the votes have trillions in reserve and basically be the leader that all others will be judged against for all of history.

Everyone loves taxes

It must suck being Jesse Lee who started with 49,824 and now has the LOWEST disposable income of 145,646 guess that means he is the poorest of all the players. Where can I sign up for that?

It just cant be that easy can it? People here revolt if their fry order has one less fry let alone being taxed on top of tax

  • Red/Green Good/Bad - IDK maybe I got to read the tutorials again or maybe stop playing while drinking scotch and smoking cigars (trying to stoke my inner Churchill) but I still get freaking confused if a policy I am implementing is good or bad / helpful or hurtful. I cant tell if its a bug or user error lol

  • Compass - Liberal/Capitalist that’s who I am every time. I basically tank to the way bottom right. When I even think I am playing like the Iron Lady I cant ever get out of the bottom right. To be a conservative - what is the game looking for?
    I am the Titanic of Capitalist right to the bottom

  • Election - While I get 100% of the votes everytime I also notice the game says my population is increasing yet the amount of voters never changes. I get the individual voter types/focus groups may not be able to add “new” people, but the overall number should go up and 100% of the people can never like someone of if they do its a Hitler cause they have to or die.

Game Enhancement
This is a personal thing and I mentioned it before so here it goes

  • Nixon Option - Need to have the ability to resign or not run again instead of just stop playing (see report card)

  • Report Card - @cliffski I know you are not looking to add content but I think this would be so cool to further the game play and forum interactions. I would love to have a report card at the end that shows how many years I was in office the state of economic indicators maybe something like the largest decrease i.e. crime and highest increase global warming along with some other cool stuff so that I can print that or save it and share it with others or just line my office walls with how freaking awesome I am. I think it would also give a way to further conversation and interaction with players in forums as people can post their horrible assassinations or their rein as long as the Queens.

  • Mr. President - another peeve of mine, cant the game take my name and address me as such? Mr President Perriwinkle, Prime Minister Buttercup thinking that would be kinda cool enhancement for game play, immersion and ego. I hope I can hear hail to the chief playing in the US version.

Lastly, this is just a personal observation but what did the Royals and their child ever do to you and your artist? The image you have of them makes the kid and parents look like some horrible munter hobgoblin troll.

Just my 2 cents (that’s 0.02 GBP I think).

Red is decreased value, green is increased value.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, it is much appreciated. The game is definitely too easy right now, and the flat tax/income tax thing definitely needs looking at. I’ll be doing this alongside preparing to add the USA in the next patch.

Reagrding the political compass, I used to be the same way with always ending up there…but when you actually look at the policy list you will see there are a LOT of VERY conservative options in the gae, and many liberal ones are enabled by default in the UK.
Some examples:

The UK has jury trial, a free press, gender transition, gay marriage, teaches evolution and has legal aid. There is a race discrimination act, maternity leave and even family planning.
You can scrap all those if you want to :smiley:

Plus you can have tax allowances for married couples, even ban homosexuality entirely if you like. Bringing in the death penalty is another one…

Ive managed to win elections at the top right of the compass. You just need to think REALLY conservative :smiley:


Turns out liberal democracies are liberal lol

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Socially liberal economically centrist :smiley:

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