[1.08] Dual core screen flicker.

Another bug, I have a dual core machine. But during the game certain parts of the GUI keep flickering. I had this before, and it is tied to the dual core setup I have. (Specifics I don’t know, I could look them up, but I’d gather it happens to more dual core machines).

It is fixable, you have to switch out of the game, and manually use the Task Manager to assign the game to only use one core, instead of both. This fixes the problem. But it isn’t ideal.

this is almost certainly video card related, as the game uses just one thread for graphics, and directx is single threaded anyway (as far as rendering goes). Also, the game is developed on a dual core machine.

it’s not a thread problem - it’s a cpu clock problem (assuming it’s the standard dual-core problem).

the issue is that high framerate stuff often uses the on-cpu clock to time itself, and if the thread is swapped across to the other core - its clock is just slightly different.
the user-end fix is (as mentioned) to go into the task manager and manually lock the cpu affinity of the process to one cpu. this will of course have absolutely no effect if it’s a graphics driver/card problem - so if doing this causes a change … (in my mind) it’s unlikely to be the graphics at fault.

all that being said - i’ve seen this problem far less these days, and having a dual-core machine i haven’t seen it occur in gsb. but that might just mean the thread doesn’t tend to get core-swapped with my version of vista.

I forgot, I’m using windows XP.

Can’t say that I seen this at all in GSB…

is this an amd or an intel machine?

If AMD, make sure you’re using the dual-core optimizer driver; it eliminates the problem referred to by snowdrift
support.amd.com/us/Pages/dynamic … ItemID=153

of course, whether or not GSB is using the RDTSC is something only cliffski can answer; it’s quite an uncommon thing to do these days

I use QueryPerformanceCounter Which I think is something else? :smiley:

yes, according to msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb173458(VS.85.aspx that is The Right Way™

which means the OP has some other issue: Mr OP can you look up those specifics you mentioned?

Currently my system is a:
Amd Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 5200+.
2,71 GHz 3,25 GB ram.

I’ll look into the dual core optimizer driver.

Optimizer fixed my problem. Thanks.