[1.08]Fighters getting bored and wandering off

I’ve noticed that after attacking a couple of targets my fighters like to head directly off the the left hand side of the screen, at which point they stop moving. They never start moving again, even when remaining enemy fighters come over and say hello by blowing them up. Not sure how you upload a deployment (the relationship between saved designs and saved deployments confuses me) so not sure how to give repro instructions, but fighters armed with normal or pulse lasers and given no special orders do this for me

just confirmed that this is still an issue with 1.08

so these fighters do not have a cautious order, and they do have orders to attack fighters, frigates and cruisers?


Are they possibly fighters whose weapons have been destroyed?

huh, I’ll examine them more closely
but in some maps, oodles and oodles of fighters do this, so I’m doubtful

good call, all the fighters doing this have at least some damage, although in some cases it’s the power plant (and only partially damaged at that)