[1.08] Major Slowdowns?

This is different than the sound bug that used to slow the game down once action was engaged. Usually on bigger battle, but really has happened on almost any map size, the game will really slow down. And this happens at speeds from 0.2 to 4.0. Some times as units die off the game will go back to normal speed, but I’ve also had some where just about everything dies, and the game still stays slow. This has been happening on my work and home computer, and both are pretty beefy computers.

Did you get to play earlier versions? is it possible to say at what version you noticed a slowdown?

I’m pretty sure it did not happen in 1.06, and could have started in 1.07. I can’t really remember that well if I noticed it in 1.07.

I have been testing out bigger maps the last few days and really noticed it more on them, so that why it’s hard to tell when it started.

This may be a problem with only with my work computer. So unless other people have had this problem I think it’s local to this machine.