[1.08] tutorial blocks game

Since the tutorial has been redone, I deleted all the contents of tutorial_seen and tutorial_under except the headers. I also wanted to start building ships from scratch again to test that, so I deleted all my designs in the ships folder. I then downloaded 1.08 and installed, ran the game. I wanted to see the challenge screen so I went there, and downloaded a challenge. The deploy screen came up, with 2 tutorial messages I got rid of, then the third, ‘Deploying Ships’ had no ‘Continue’ button, and the game was stuck there.

I just reproduced this a 2nd time, then I put all my ships back to see if that was the problem. Nope, it gets stuck at exactly the same place.

I ran the tutorial stage and got no messages…

I’ve not struck that problem, I’ve been using the tutorial to test new designs…

Strange. Perhaps you need to click challenges right away, before doing anything, for it to happen.

All I know is, I can reproduce it by deleting the tutorial files, launch game, click challenge and load challenge, deploy screen, 3rd popup.

(edit) the thing is called


in the ini.

I reinstalled to test out the new tutorial (pretty good, by the way), and I got to the message about adding new orders. I clicked Vulture out of force of habit, and the window closed. But the tutorial wanted me to click on the close button without giving any orders, so it didn’t advance. Unfortunately, the message covers the Add Order button, so I can’t reopen the window to close it, and the tutorial won’t advance any farther.