[1.08] Tutorial mission blocking race unlock

The new tutorial mission is showing up on the mission selection screen and seems to be counting for the purposes of race unlocking. Which is all well and good except that there is no hard or expert version of it which prevents ever unlocking the last 2 races :slight_smile:

Aha! You spotted my deliberate mistake didn’t you!
I will fix that for the next patch…

to fix until then - open sc.dat in your MyGames/GSB folder, and set ‘beaten_medium’ and ‘beaten_hard’ for the tutorial to ‘1’

I found this topic after beating everything on Hard and not getting an unlock.

The sc.dat file for my 1.12 install (upgraded from 1.10 -> 1.11) had the tutorial section set thus:

tutorial = 0
survival = 0
beaten_easy = 1
beaten_medium = 0
beaten_hard = 0
highest_honor_easy = 1357
highest_honor_medium = 0
highest_honor_hard = 0

I had to switch the tutorial option to 1 to unlock my next race.