[1.10]BUG: Fighter Orders not working

Because of a bug I’m having where fighters ignore fighters (posted here), I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with various combinations trying to win battles while I’ve got a swarm of fighters around me.

Outside of completely deleting the figther order for my cruisers or frigates, nothing appears to be influencing the targetting priority of fighters. My cruisers and frigates just get too focused on fighters to combat the main fleet.

Fighter priority 10%, regardless of range, will still cause my cruisers or frigates to fire upon fighters if they are anywhere near instead of larger priority items.

I have a sneaky suspicion of what the problem may be: I think the targetting priorities latch onto the first target (likely a fighter) and won’t stop until every single fighter in that group is destroyed. It’s really the only thing I can think of why, when my cruisers are 400 meters away, with fighter priority of 10%, cruiser priority of 70% and frigate priority of 60%, why my cruisers and frigates just won’t stop firing on fighters.

This really is making me pause for a while. It may be something bugged with saved orders, or something, but right now, this is a game breaker. I can’t stand making all these great powerful ships to see them spin in circles and not engage the real threat. Deleting orders is not really sufficient, as you can’t afford to have all this firepower go unused.

Well, you can just rely on fighter or frigate escorts for anti-fighter coverage, abandoning the idea of any on-board anti-fighter cruiser weapons. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, but that’s a workaround in the meantime, albeit somewhat of a hokey one.

I experienced a similar problem. I had several cruisers and a few frigates, with the frigates being the primary defense against enemy fighters. Despite adjusting priorities, my cruisers insisted on attacking the fighters instead of the in-range enemy frigates and cruisers.

I’ve just tracked this down and will be fixing it now, so expect it to be fixed in the good old next patcheroo.

yup, fixed it, horribly fiddly. will be in 1.12.

Wa-hey! Good news. I’m excited to see how it works.