[1.10]BUG: Fighters not engaging

This occurred a few times tonight and once it occurred, it started occurring 90-100% of the time

Basically, fighters bypass fighters like they are invisible, and I mean they go right through each other. Really annoying.

NOTE: I was going to try to embed the pics, but my when my conversion program attempts to convert to .jpg, the pic has all these lines through it and it almost black and white.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any such behavior, except when Fighters is not the Highest Attack priority, and I’ve been testing out my Fighter Antifighter Missile module for the past 3-4 hours since 1.10 update was applied;.

Fighters will engage whichever target has the overall highest priority, taking into account their weapons range, engagement ranges, chance of hitting and lots of other factors, but if they have fighters set to high priority and weapons that can hit them (lasers) then they should definitely fight.

This is at the beginning of the battle when the two fighter groups engage well out from the main fleet. I’m at work now, but will try to post my pics later tonight. There are no other ships around! Not sure if it matters, but it was the final 3 missions I was doing.

It isn’t about which target they hit first, it is about priority. That way if you don’t want your fighters engaging anything but frigates you can set frigates much higher than cruisers or fighters. If you want your fighters to attack other fighters, set “attack fighters” priority slider to 100%

Ok, it happens on Gravity Well and it’s not just my fighters ignoring theirs, theirs ignore mine as well.

Confirmed: Fighters 80% priority, Cruisers 20%, Frigates 30%

Here are pics:



Note: Sorry for big pics, my utility to convert to *.jpg makes a really, really bad pic.

So did you have any Frigates left when they’d finished their visit?

I feel like this problem has to do with range. Units seem to pick targets that are closer to them, even if their priority is very low. I’ve had cruisers with fighter priority of 0%, and cruiser priority of 100%. The fight will start, and the cruiser will head to an enemy cruiser, because both the fighters and cruisers are far way. Now say later in the battle it’s being swarmed by fighters, and it’s target dies and the next cruiser is a screen away. It will go after the fighters. This is totally not what I want it to do. It can shot at the fighters, but no actually move after them.

Not the first few times, but I built an anti-fighter frigate and modified the orders for the cruisers and other frigates to ignore fighters (which sucks by the way, because on a large map like gravity well, I’d at least like them taking pot shots on their way across the map), but I eventually did win - all the way to expert.

Sounds to me like they aren’t reevaluating targets frequently enough.