1.10 notes

Alcohol tax stuff is not scaled by alcohol consumption unlike tabaco tax stuff, which is scaled by tobacco use.

Legal drug tax also doesn’t scale things by legal drug use.

Its very easy to go above 50% popularity (default settings Germany)

Why not list things like policies and stuff that happened on each turn here?

I would suggest complacency being very fast and harsh.

Event/dillema names seems to have “raw” names.

It seems like some policies locked behind requirement cause categories to never turn red despite being empty.

Wow. this is awesome feedback. I shall address all these as soon as I can… I am surprised about the drug tax thing. i’m 99% sure it is being scaled by consumption (same as alcohol), but I think its because it uses a different system to calculate it, and is thus not showing up in the UI yet. Its on my list to fix.
Try a country with all drugs outlawed and you should see income from the drugs tax at zero.

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Tobacco tax:
_All_,-0.4*(TobaccoUse*x) PovertyRate,0.23*(TobaccoUse*x) Equality,-0.1*(TobaccoUse*x) TobaccoUse,0-(0.8*x),8

Alcohol tax:
Poor,0-(0.2*x) PovertyRate,0+(0.2*x) Equality,0-(0.1*x) AlcoholConsumption,-0.58*(x^2),2

Drug tax:
Young,0-(0.08*x) Poor,0-(0.05*x) PovertyRate,0+(0.06*x) LegalDrugConsumption,-0.1*(x^2))
You simply forgot to add multipliers in effects other than income and consumption itself for alcohol and drug taxes.

Also drug tax doesn’t have MULTIPLYINCOME tag.
Maybe all taxes (with something affecting income) should have it?

I took a look at this in game, and in the code and I can see how it might be a bit confusing but its working as intended. if you go to the alcohol tax screen and click on income history it shows there that this effect is indeed scaled by the current level of alcohol consumption, and the effect lines on alcohol consumption show that alcohol consumption is both affected by tax, and in turn has an effect on the income of that tax.

I wasn’t talking about income.
I was talking about other effects not being scaled by alcohol/drug consumption.
See my post above.

Tabacco tax effects are scaled by tobacco usage.
Alcohol/drug tax effects other than income aren’t scaled by alcohol/drug use.

Aha… I see.

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BTW added the timeline thing under the chart:


Very cool :smiley:

Is it possible to add timeline on voting intentions screen too?

By the way Graduate Tax has uncapitalized “tax” in its displayed name

You mean the main screen which shows the single line for all voters? It would be doable, but the trouble is it might feel a bit cluttered because it would incldue everything, because all events affect someone… But having said that how many are there each turn really… I shall add it, and see how it looks

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Some perception overrides are faulty according to debug log.
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_BanAnimalTesting_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_BanAnimalTesting_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_ChildLabourLaw_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_ChildLabourLaw_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_CONTROVERSIAL MARCH_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_CONTROVERSIAL MARCH_1 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_EXTRADITE TERROR SUSPECT_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_EXTRADITE TERROR SUSPECT_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_Hackers_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_HOSTAGE SITUATION_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_HOSTAGE SITUATION_1 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_HUNGER STRIKE_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_HUNGER STRIKE_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_PeopleSmuggling_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_PeopleSmuggling_1 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_SafeguardOilSupplies_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_SafeguardOilSupplies_1 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_SQUATTERS RIGHTS_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_SQUATTERS RIGHTS_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_SurgicalStrikes!_0 to _percept_strength
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_Whaling_0 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_Whaling_1 to _percept_compassion
[20:6:3:327]- Override not found from _dilemma_Whistleblower_0 to _percept_strength
Even debug log has trouble writing “0” before number :smiley:

I should check, but 99% sure thats a false alarm, and is a result of the way the game silently saves/loads between turns. I should stop it spamming the logs…

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Those all are from event/dilemma file overrides.
Policy override files doesn’t do that.

I guess merging overrides into main files would fix it.
Also naming is kinda incosistent…
HostName = “_dilemma_BanAnimalTesting_0” in override file but name=BanAnimalTesting in dillema file itself.

Seems like dilemma names doesn’t have _dilemma_ in beginning, and override files weren’t adjusted.

Also NuclearPowerstation.txt wasn’t deleted - when it triggers it will have empty text.
I guess you could make it so it never triggers if you don’t want to break saves.

Seems like there is graphical bug with uncancellable discrete policies.

All uncancellable policies (copied internal names):
could have 0 introduction and cancel costs since they are always active in game, even if you make country without policies.

Also automated trading limits slider need another text point, as its discrete.

Shouldn’t private stuff be reduced by 100% at later point?

There is by far not enough things, that push down education and technology.
You have to be actively damaging stuff to crash education and technology.
Maybe set their defaults to 0?

Also needle barely moves for private rail, water, energy and telecommunication simulations.

I found some weird incosistency:
I noticed that policy effects on situations/simulations are sometimes in policy file and sometimes in situations/simulations file.

Policy effects on simulation are listed in simulation file.
/# GenerationalWealthGap …# StatePensions,FreeBusPasses, PropertyTax, GraduateTax, RentControls, UniversityGrants, # Young, Equality,

In this case policy affects simulation values - located in policy file.
/# AbortionLaw …#Effects Religious, Liberal, Conservatives, Population, _global_liberalism

Here is population sim:
/# Population …# # TrafficCongestion, FoodPrice, Pollution, Homelessness,
It could have abortion law in its causes section
For sanity of modding stuff should be standardized.
That is causes of situations and simulations could be moved to relevant files as effects.

Alternatively all policies that affect simulations/situations could be placed in simulation/situation file as cause.

Complacency (and cynicism) seems to be mixed in all other happiness influences instead of ignored before normalization and then used to adjust voter group happiness.

I have suggestion for abortion law and gender equality:
Abortion law should influence gender equality.
Gender equality should affect happiness of everyone - women are half of everyone.

Gender equality should be factor in egalitarian society situation.

Possible bug:
Mineral and oil wealth situations have no triggers.
Their year reduction is scaled by themselves potentially causing them to appear and disappear every turn.
Maybe they should be simply lowered by this year stat.
Since they have no triggers they could be triggered by oil/mineral drilling policies and events.

Also all situations, simulations and policies from Africa should be back, since we are going to have less developed countries too.

Flat tax income reduction from evasion is listed twice

Graphical bug:
Perceptions can’t go above 50% or below -50% despite graph being able to do so.