[1.11] All weapons seem to target the same thing

I’ve had an awful time trying to make a ship that can target multiple things at once. For example, I made a cruiser that had both heavy plasma cannons and cruiser defense lasers. Despite the fact that I want it to use the heavy plasma on cruisers at long range, but use the defense lasers against any swarming fighters. Instead, it seems to use the same orders for all weapons: if cruisers are a priority, it shoots the plasma at the cruisers without killing off the fighters, and if fighters are a priority, it lobs plasma fruitlessly at the fighters.

Would it be possible to assign different rules to different weapons?

I’ve definitely seen my cruisers with defense lasers shoot at fighters as well as their primary targets. Sometimes they do get distracted and just start chasing a fighter swarm around, though. It seems to have to do with range - if there’s a cruiser in range, it’ll go after it, but if not, the fighters occupy its attention.

Anyway, this is a problem that’s been complained about long and loud. Hopefully we’ll see some adjustments to the way target prioritization is done.