[1.11] Order deleting crash

It might have been brought up earlier on, but here is another crash:

Select a ship, add a formation/escort order. Then click anywhere on the map (NOT on a ship) to make the line disappear. Then click “delete order” on the pop up window. Here the game crashes.

I ran into this issue before in 1.10.

I think its a problem with the shift-select function. When you select a bunch of ships and you HAD a ship you had previously selected, it seems the orders go to the previous ship or something happens that creates the crash. You can replicated it, at least on 1.10, If you create a fleet of 5 frigates and one cruiser. Click on one of the frigates, then without clicking on anything else, hold shift and select the other frigates. Then try to create an escort order to the cruiser. The game crashes either when you start to save or start a mission. However, ctrl-click to select multiple ships works fine.

Its a small error, but from my experience in doing drag and drop in just simple OpenGL applications its a pain in the butt:P You have to implement everything from scratch and all the users expect it to work just like windows:P

PS - I am at work so I might of missed something in my crash instructions.

Well, no :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve tested it just now - all I do is add one or more (doesn’t really matter) ships, then I add the order using the order menu. When I click anywhere but on another ship it will crash when I select “delete order” on the pop up box. Note - not the one you open later, but the one with ship name to enter etc. Quite annoying as it crashes when I fail to click on a ship by mistake and then click “delete order” out of habit. :slight_smile:

Oh, and it happens even if it’s the first order I add. Doesn’t really matter, even if I combine different ships and so on.

I’ve just replicated this, so I’ll be getting it fixed. Cheers