[1.12] Ship Design Crash and Some Random Foibles

There’s a certain invalid ship design that I’ve made that I can save and crash the game:

When I originally design the ship, the power cost is 111.7 of 112.0
After messing around with the text (only getting rid of the ECM seems to work) and going back the the design in game the power cost is 112.7 of 112.0 after re-creating the above setup.

Some other items I’ve noticed:
-The unlockable ‘Supercharged Tractor Beam’ has 300 less beam power than the default ‘Cruiser Tractor Beam’
-Double clicking to select a group of ships still works if your first click in not on any ship

I find this last one annoying as sometimes I miss when I’m trying to select a single ship (I deploy quickly sometimes), and I try again quickly moving the mouse over a pixel or two and get it, but now I’ve selected all ships of the type. If I’m moving real fast, I might accidentally delete all those ships. It’s happened a few times.

That is all. Thank you Cliff! :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s the cruiser_pointdefense modules in slots 0 and 1 that are causing the crash. That internal name is used in the module files for both the regular Cruiser Point Defense System module and the Hi-Speed Point Defense module. I’m pretty sure you had added the former to your design when you made it, but when the game loads it up again it tries to use the Hi-Speed version instead. Since those use 0.5 more power per module, your design won’t have enough, which in the current version causes a crash.

The crashing part has apparently been fixed, according to one of clifski’s recent updates to the “Bugs Fixed” topic. I’ve mentioned the PD module name bug a whole bunch of times, when people report this crash, so I assume it will be fixed eventually.

You can work around the issue by editing the file “data\modules\cruiser_point_defense_II.txt” in your GSB install folder. Change the line with ‘name = “cruiser_pointdefense”’ to have any other name you want (I usually take my hint from the filename and use “cruiser_pointdefense_II”, but as long as it’s not being used for another module anything works).