[1.12] Ship movement re. keeping distance

Just played 3 battles thru really quickly. Ships now do seem to want to keep their distance much more from enemy ships, making Keep Moving a lot more effective.

Unfortunately it seems like your ships will happily cause pile-ups with each other in order to keep some distance from the enemy. The 3 battles I played just now, I ended up with a lovely minimum range sized gap between my ships and the enemy ships, but all my ships were parked on top of each other try to keep that range.

Honestly tho, this is just a minor thing compared to what it was like under 1.11. At least now my traffic jams can keep firing :slight_smile:

I see this as an opportunity to increase the need for faster ships. If a ship tries to maintain a certain distance -and- not get too close to friendly ships, then good speed will be needed to achieve this. I think that ships need to be allowed to pass over each other, but will always try to avoid remaining that way.

Good point actually. Fast cruisers FTW, finally. Although of course, no engines at all mean they’ll never crash at all.

No engines also means they’ll be killed before the enemy comes into range. Try playing survival with cruisers with no engines. Watch what happens when the cruisers with heavy plasma come in.

Didn’t Netriak say he’s been getting his high scores with engineless ships?

Edit: Found the post: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3087&p=16191#p16191

So, if you set it up right, apparently plasma doesn’t have to be a death sentence to your stationary ships. There are occasional missile ships in survival, though… I wonder how he deals with those?

Long-range missiles launchers on a ship with 8 or 9 weapons slots will kill a good part of whatever is approaching before it can even fire. 1.12 has changed things. I’ve noticed that my fast ships don’t fare as well as they did pre-patch. Part of it is because they like to get in too close.