1.128 notes

Environmentalist membership entry is bugged here.
It doesn’t move towards desired value.

Shouldn’t Environmentalist_freq,0+(0.12*x),4 be Environmentalist_perc ?

Same thing is in Electric Car Transition.
This could happen in all other situation, simulation, event, and dilemma inputs - confusion between _freq and _perc.

Why some situation stuff has huge exponent?

Line 34: #,RaceRiots,LAWANDORDER,sit_icons_raceriots,0,0.6,0.4,0,0+(1.0x),0,0+(1.0x),“RacialTension,0+(x^3),4”,“CCTVCameras,0-(0.1x)","ArmedPolice,-0.1-(0.1x)”,“Curfews,-0.1-(0.1x)","ViolentCrimeRate,0+(0.2x)”,“Unemployment,0+(0.25x),4","PoliceDrones,-0.1-(0.05x)”,“Tasers,-0.05-(0.05x)",“EthnicMinorities_perc,0-(1.0-x)^75”,#,"Conservatives,-0.2-(0.3x)”,“All,-0.1-(0.12x)","GDP,-0.02-(0.01x),2”,“Immigration,-0.06-(0.09x),4","ViolentCrimeRate,0.12(x^3)”,
Line 35: #,Ghettos,LAWANDORDER,sit_icons_ghettos,0,0.6,0.4,0,0+(1.0x),0,0+(1.0x),“RacialTension,0+(x^3),16”,“VigilanteMobs,0.1+(0.3x),16","StreetGangs,0.1+(0.2x),12”,“Immigration,0+(0.25x),8",“EthnicMinorities_perc,0-(1.0-x)^75”,#,"Liberal,-0.1-(0.1x)”,“EthnicMinorities,-0.1-(0.12x)","Equality,-0.05-(0.1x),4”,“Immigration,-0.07-(0.10x),12","Polarization,0.03+(0.05x)”,

4 other >= ^10 exponents are:
Effect on Wealthy in Flat Income, Income and Property Tax (^11).
Press Freedom affecting security at ^10

Flat Income tax doesn’t affect GDP unlike Income Tax.

Graduate Tax income should depend on education level.
Graduate Tax should reduce Education, as less people want to take education, that is taxed.
Could be similar effect like internet and automation taxes.

Cryptocurrency tax still is broken:
It brings 3x less income than it should.

100% cryptocurrency adoption should mean 100% income from cryptocurrency tax.
Now this simulation value maxed out means only 30% of income from cryptocurrency tax.


That plant based diet thing seems to be a bug, I’ve just fixed it.

The ethnic minorities ones are correct though, they are a way of ensuring that at VERY low level of ethnic minorities, you simply cannot have a race riot or ghetto, but other than that, they have no effect, and the situation is mostly triggered by racial tension.

Very good point re graduate taxes and education, I’ll add a multiplier.

Its an assumption in the game that cryptocurrency is always relatively niche. 100% adoption kind of means “as high as it will ever get”, but I can see that thiis might be a bit confusing, maybe I should change that at some point…

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Divide max cryptocurrency tax income by 0.3.
Then it can go from 0 to 100%.
Currently max income is 30% of actual defined max income.
InternetCurrencyTaxation tax MULTIPLYINCOME 18 17 16 15 TAX 0 0 0+(1.0x) 1 37.5 6000 0+(1.0x) GDP,0.0+(0.5x);TaxEvasion,1.0-(0.2x);InternetCurrencyAdoption,0.0+(0.3*x)
6000 will be 1800, and InternetCurrencyAdoption,0.0+(0.3*x) will be InternetCurrencyAdoption,0.0+(1*x)
All income tax multipliers should cap at 100%.
Only cryptocurrency adaptation income multiplier of cryptocurrency tax doesn’t act like this.

Also electric car transition has same bug with environmentalist membership.
Flat income tax doesn’t affect GDP.

I suppose more clarity on this would be good. However, I actually like when any given value can, in principle, be minimized or maximized to reach the bottom or top of the range. It just should become clear what that actually means relative to other values. Maybe adding axis labels could help here. Max Bitcoin usage might mean that like 10% of all purchases and trades (that’d already be a massive amount) are handled via crypto currencies maybe)
Could potentially also add other foreign money. Places with relatively unstable currencies often have quite a sizeable black(?)market for foreign currencies that are deemed more stable in order to protect the owners of the businesses in question from such fluctuations.
Like, when I was visiting Egypt one summer years ago, they really preferred me to pay in Euros rather than their own currency. Though strictly speaking I’m pretty sure that’s not legal. (No idea what the situation is these days)
I’m not sure how easy it is to get numbers on how significant that actually is though. Certainly for those countries that are currently in the game, I suspect it won’t matter all too much.

Driverless Cars situation doesn’t trigger at all.

its always dicey when I add firm numbers to anything, because then it becomes even harder to get them right. Frankly it was a mistake to ever add sample ‘fun’ numebrs to tax sliders, because people then get very annoyed if the tax rate at the start of the game does not match the real world one :smiley:

But it would make sense for all variables we track to at least look like they can range over the whole 0-100% range that we plot, regardless what that means in real terms.
Just another thing to balance, after sorting out initial voter happiness, and the lack of coalitions…argghhhh.