[1.128a] various UI element bugs

(I’m using a 1360 x 768 monitor, resolution set via the pref.ini file)

  • The biggest issue is with the budget screens:
    Depending on where the budget screen is reached from (there are several potential ways to get to the screen, main ones being from the quarterly report, and then there 4 UI buttons at the top of the screen, the three on the left and the $ button), the budget screen seems to have priority conflicts with the main screen. This is most reproducible by, on the second turn or later, opening the budget screen from any of the 4 top of main screen buttons. The budget screen and tab buttons will be displayed over the top of the main screen, but clicking will result in the main screen buttons being clicked instead, for instance trying to close the budget screen on my screen resolution will frequently result in the “options” button being clicked) If the budget screen is reached from the quarterly report, it seems to function without issue.

I also noticed that, and these issues might be particular to my screen resolution,

  • policy adjustment options (apply changes, cancel, revert changes) are cut off from the bottom of the screen
  • it seems like the people images in the demographic groups are cut off somewhat on the left of the screen (maybe this is as intended, unsure)
  • on the intelligence briefing screen, what I assume are the text “membership” and “threat assessment” end up drawn on top of each other illegibly.
  • on the “policy ideas” screen, there seems to be a strange priority regarding the arrow that is generated coming from the selected policy: it seems to appear behind a sort of “fade” on the edge of the background image of a city, so policies above the image have a very prominent arrow, policies at the top of the image have half an arrow, and policies fully to the left of the image have a “faded” arrow.

This isn’t necessarily a bug I also wonder if there can be a way to hide the text labels that show up on mouse over of the circles, especially the very large one below “political capital” as they can hide the useful effect arrows. They’re very useful as you learn what the symbols mean, but once you’re aware they can be distracting and obscure important information. Another option might be to give them some kind of opacity so the arrows can be seen at least somewhat below the text box.
Also not necessarily a bug, but I think there should be a way to skip the “speech” screen, most of the game is slick and fast, it seems strange that it forces you to wait through the slow animation and cheers to just reveal effects that are essentially told to you before by the options you already selected

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