[1.15] Suggestion to fix a couple of UI "features"

I don’t think these were mentioned before:

  1. If I select a group of ships and assign “Formation”, with the leader itself belonging to the selection, the leader stays immobile (makes sense), and the group follows suit. The logic of “Escort” order is apparently different, since the leader and the group keep moving. Suggested fix – if formation leader belongs to the selection, remove it from the selection, so that it’s not in formation with itself?

  2. The green/red overlay is extremely helpful in the heat of battle. However, camouflaged enemy ships still have the red overlay. I am not sure if it is meant to be that way, but if camouflage becomes more important in the future (e.g. we’ll be able to order ships to approach the enemy camouflaged and then decloak and attack), this could kind of spoil the surprise.

  3. This is a random suggestion :slight_smile: Would be cool to have an option for yellow/blue overlays as opposed to red/green, for the colorblind folks (Just remembered this from college – we had several colorblind people in class and the prof changed colors on all his powerpoint slides).

i don’t think your captains can see the red/green highlighting…