[1.15b] Disappearing "Deploy" button + UI requests

Hi Cliff,
Just purchased the game on Sunday and got the update to 1.15b last night. So far it’s a great little game, thanks for the effort.

I noticed that after I upgraded, the “Deploy the Fleet” button on the Battle screen is sometimes missing. I can select a scenario, but there’s just no button to go to the deployment screen. If I back up and go to some other screen (Fleet HQ, Ship Designer, whatever) and come back that fixes it. Sometimes. In one instance I had to back out two or three times before the button came back.

I’ve also got a few feature requests:

  1. Autosave the deployment info. Please, for the love of God, autosave! I constantly forget to save my deployment, then end up recreating the whole thing.
  2. When watching a battle, when you click on a ship show the class name (eg, “Tutorial Cruiser”) somewhere. I frequently have several classes of ships built on the same hull, so they can be hard to distinguish. The names you give them are amusing, but not terribly helpful.
  3. In the ship builder, can we get the modules sorted some way? eg, put all the vaerious point defense systems next to each other, and sort them somehow (descending cost?). It’s sometimes a pain to find the module I want.
  4. In the ship builder, can we maybe have a text-based interface? I can never remember what icon is what module, so I spend a lot of time clicking/hovering over them just to remember that, oh yeah, that’s a Fast Point Defense Turret, or whatever.

Thanks again.

[Edited: I actually have version 1.15b.]

Your main issue, the missing “Deploy” button, will be fixed when you update to version 1.16. If you haven’t yet, put your registration key in in the “Online” section and the game will download a patch the next time you start it up.

Your feature requests all sound good to me as well.

Good to know that’s fixed. I’ve been waiting for the 1.16 upgrade to come down through Impulse, but no luck so far.

put your code in, and choose a user name, then you can forget about impulse for updates.