[1.16] "hover-over" sound only plays when a dialog is open

(Note: This is my first issue report so I’m not sure of the etiquette.)

OLD description (see update below for more):

After further testing, I was mistaken as to when the sound is triggered. The clicking sound may be intentional after all - it plays on the “ship design” screen when the mouse hovers over a module in the “modules” area, OR when hovering over certain other selectable/highlight-able elements (such as ships in the list of the “load ship design” dialog.)

Having a hover-over sound isn’t necessarily a bad idea but the weird part is, this sound ONLY plays when a dialog is open. No dialogs, no clicking sound!
To reproduce:
Open ship design screen
With no dialog boxes open, pass mouse over modules in module list - no sound plays.
Click “load” in ship summary. “Load ship design” dialog pops up.
Pass mouse over modules again (now in background behind the dialog) - clicking sound plays when hovering over each module.
Close “load ship design” dialog
Pass mouse over modules AGAIN - no hover-over sounds any more.

The sound also plays when tutorial dialogs are being shown, which is why I originally thought it was the tutorial dialogs themselves that were causing it.

Is this sound supposed to play all the time? Currently it seems slightly inconsistent.