[1.16] Orion ambush survival crash at 680.000 points

As per the title, when playing Orion Ambush the game crashed with a runtime error at 680.000 points. This very much seems like the same crash talked about on the last page of the original survival mode thread, and is due to trying to exceed 2GB of memory.
Either this crash needs to be fixed, or the survival mode must be tweaked to make it impossible to reach such ludicrous scores.

Agreed, I would be willing to deal with fewer piles of steaming wreckage. Maybe sometimes in a big reactor explosion the ship could just be vaporized: that would be cool.

nah, i would just make it harder, because the space hulks are awesome… but, of course, if the explosions were way bigger than normal, then it would make sense for the hulks to be vaporized.

really? because for me the game crashes at around 250,000 points. (yeah, yeah i modded survival; but hey, i didn’t post my score online and never will)