[1.17] Modded scenarios reset race access

I selected the Bloodbath scenario that’s on the online challenge list, and had a blast playing it, but later noticed that both alliance and imperial factions were unselectable. I did some investigation and discovered that the auto-downloaded scenario got added to the game list in the data files, despite it being unavailable in the offline single-player mode, and thus the game concluded that I hadn’t beaten all the scenarios (and thus denied me the unlock races).

Makes no difference at all to the stock game, but if modded scenarios become significant then this needs fixing. This is particularly significant because I didn’t download anything external to the game - I just selected a non-standard challenge scenario from the online challenge list. Players could easily stumble into this and not know how to fix their data files.

On that note… Could you explain how to fix it?

EDIT: And a few more minutes hunting and I think I managed to suss it myself… My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\sc.dat
I had an extra scenario ‘scenario99’ listed at the end. Seeing as the scenarios in the program directory only go up to 11, I guessed this was the rogue entry. Backed up the file then edited that section out and everything appears back to normal.

Yeah, it was the same procedure as manually fixing the old tutorial bug from back when the tutorial mission was first introduced to the game.