[1.18] Battle Fast-Forward Error

I’ve noticed that whenever I try to fast-forward the battle, everything gets really choppy, as if the video and sound is not being rendered correctly, and the action seems to go slower instead of faster. Even at just 1.2x this happens. At first I thought it was deliberate to conserve rendering resources. But then a friend of mine installed onto his laptop, and the battle is smooth as can be, even up to 4x.

I am running Windows XP Pro, on a Dual Core E8500, with a Geforce 9600. Certainly not an underpowered system. The specs of the laptop where it runs smooth at 4x are significantly slower. Any suggestions? I haven’t installed 1.19 yet, I’ll be doing that as soon as I get home from work.

Try unchecking the option to Pitch Shift Sounds. That fixes pretty much all of the performance problems other players have reported when running at speeds other than 1.0x.

Well… I don’t know about your computer being underpowered but mine for sure is… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Intel Q9550 @ 2,8GHz, 4 gigs Corsair ram, Nvidia’s GTX 280 graphic card and Windows XP home 32-bit, YET I’m getting max 52-53 fps instead of the capped 64… :stuck_out_tongue: Which feels weird to me when taking into account that UT3, when it worked, (now it’s fubared for unknown reason by itself) ran nicely near 60-140 fps and other modern and demanding games usually work nicely above 80 fps.

Yes, disabling Pitch Shift Sounds did resolve this. Thanks

Thats weird. I don’t know about that video card, but your system beats my dev machine in other areas. I have 2 gigs of RAM and a core 2 duo 2.66 running Vista. Video card is a GeForce 8800 GTS. I almost never drop below the cap.
It can be a question of screen res though. I tend to test it around 1280 by 800 or 1024 768, even though it runs well at 1920 1200 too.
GSB is an unusual game in that a bigger screen res actually means it draws more, so it can tax the CPU as well as the GPU more on higher res.

Ah, I guess that’s the reason then because I’m running it in 1280x1024. The 1024x768 is too small for my liking in this game because the menus feel so tightly packed then. In other games though I usually play on 1024x768 but in UT3 I used 1280x1024.

(Also I got a nice 20 fps boost when I updated my graphic card drivers to latest ones from Nvidia. :slight_smile: Something from 181 to 192.)

How do you display your FPS in GSB?

Fraps seems to work. I know of no command or exposed dev-console that has this feature built-in.

On a related note, I’ve noticed that the framerate caps at 60 for my machine regardless of what goes on during a game. I’m forcing V-Sync off through my video card’s control panel but I suspect that V-Sync has no effect here. Not that I’m concerned either way.

I think it is locking to your refresh rate. Instead to the frame cap which is at 64 fps. You can get around this by simply chaging your refresh rate to higher value.

GSB is capped at 60 fps. It notes at the end of the frame if there is some spare time left before the next one, and uses it to do ‘optional’ stuff, like calculate the intersection of laser bolts and debris particles, or preloads the next explosion effect…

Ah ok. I just remembered that a few versions backwards I used to get capped to 64 fps. Then some versions later my FPS was capped to my monitor’s fps on menus even before it wasn’t.