1.18 Crashing...mysterious

ok…new user here, but wow, already addicted. I have been crashing though, lately. I cant invite anyone out socially, it immediately gives me the error report error(windows) not a game error. i am thinking it has to do with me having a love interest and then inviting someone else out. At least in the two games I have going on that is what is happening. But when I have no love interest it I can play just fine.

Any suggestions? :unamused:

I am a programmer myself, and part of the intrigue of this game is that I can make modifications…thanks a bunch for creating it. :laughing:

there was a bug relating to this, which only triggered if same sex relationships was on, AFAIK the latest version has fixed it, is this not the case?

I’m not sure, I am running 1.18 which I thought was the latest and greatest. Can you direct me to the patch please?

aha, if you go to the patches page linked from the main page, and redownload and apply the 1.18 patch, that should fix it.