[1.18] UI requests - Loans and research

Currently, if I accept a loan, the financial dialog box automatically closes. If I want to accept multiple loans at a time, I have to keep reopening it and navigating back to the loans tab. Please keen the financials dialog box open when after accepting a loan.

The research screen has the opposite problem, it stays open once I’ve selected a research project, when I’d rather the screen just close instantly. Seeing as the simulation is paused while I’m using the research screen and I never (can’t) select multiple research projects simultaneously, having to close the screen manually is just a waste of time. This is particularly tedious when you have lots of research offices and are on a huge research binge.

Hmmmm interesting idea. Is this commonly agreed? I’m not sure if it might annoy players who have picked research, but then wanted to remind themselves of some other options on the tree… I’m happy to be talked into this :smiley:

I’m for closing both manually.