1.18a Saved Games Won't Load


I’m running 1.18a with the patch and saved games won’t load and crash the program. I use Windows 2000 and my graphics card is Nvidia Ge force 4 MX 440. I tried turning off various options and nothing helps. I also have the Yahoo version installed as well, but on a different hard drive.

Can these saved games be salvaged? Thanks!



they can, theres a post under the modding forum that explains how, but Im hopefully releasing a patch this weekend that should fix it.


I found the string in the thread you referred me to. What program do i need to use to edit it?


Went to tucows and downloaded an xml editor … it worked Thanks!!!


I used Notepad. Any text or XML editor will do the trick. :slight_smile:


I think this is fixed in version 1.19, which I should do a patch for tommorow.


Added a pointer to the bugs thread in the post on the Modding forum, along with a quote. I actually don’t feel comfortable with my thread, because that fix actually breaks the gameplay to an extent by removing an interest from the NPC’s.