[1.19] comment on deployments

yay! autosave. :slight_smile:

however… it loses it on hitting the main menu…? (which one? all menus are ‘main menu’…) that’s only slightly joking - however, if you complete an honourable victory and go to the shiney-things screen (fleet HQ), the only way out is to the main menu…

the menu structure isn’t quite as transparent or consistent as it could be over the whole game, and calling “up a level” “main menu” consistently doesn’t (to me) help.

maybe if you win a battle, the pop-up could detect whether this deployment has been saved, and if not - another option appears which is “save winning fleet orders for the history books” (or similar)?

Yep. I was wondering this too why the game just doesn’t immediatelly write a permament auto_save_deployed file on HD when you hit fight button and when you haven’t saved your fleet. This way you could bring the fleet back unlimited times from the temp file until you press that fight button again and it gets overwritten.

Or maybe just a simple pop up should appear reminding you that you haven’t saved the fleet. This way we could prevent fleets getting overwritten when you save them by yourself with original name.

But the current one works too but you really have to be careful with the main menu button.

/broken record… which main menu button? they’re all main menu buttons! :stuck_out_tongue:

really? 'cause once (it’s on one of my custom maps) my fleet autosaved as “temp_deployment”

I figured people might get confused and not like it if the temp deployment hung around after you had quit out of that battle to do other things, but I can see how you might not realise that was happening. I might allow it to just stay there until it’s overwritten, because in retrospect it’s not really that inconvenient.