1.22 more issues

A bunch of bugs I found, figure this is more efficient than starting a new thread for each:

edit doesn’t work so here’s another:

ships will happily go off the map when given the “keep moving” command. This is perhaps most prominently seen in the “3 bohemoths” challenge

Hmmm, thanks for all these, they will all be fixed in the next patch!

so I played around with the options just a little bit and… this

I don’t even… I can’t even…

I’m going to sleep, will try and figure out what caused it when I wake up…

No offense cliff, I love your games and all, but this one really could’ve used another month of beta or 3

I’ve seen that white thing in challenges before - it’s treated like a ‘light’ so it flickers when taking damage. I’m not sure what causes it as a restart usually clears it.

nope, restarting definitely didn’t clear it

it only happens in a particular mission though (the third, or first after tutorial)

here’s another one heading ya way, cliff

my ships are experiencing some sort of turret pop-in… these screenshots are taken in rapid succession following the same ship:

all turret slots are filled on this ship, but from here it looks as though all but one are empty:

in this picture all but that one are full:

when zooming in and out the flashing of the turrets are far more noticeable.

Also, I think it’s specific to this hull, but the middle forward turret is off its “mount”, also visible in the screenshots

EDIT: observed on 5th mission (3rd after tutorial), ship file attached, graphics settings are at maximum
kingsley class assault frigate.rar (1.31 KB)

Thanks for these, I’ve fixed four of these issues (expect a patch in the next 24 hours), I’m working on the others now…

nice, congrats m8

here’s another while you’re at it: Fighter and missile fuels are being compared in the same scale, I don’t think they actually mean the same thing. Engines also have their own fuels too, it seems

Yup, thats on my todo list. They both use the same ‘fuel’ name for the variable, which in hindsight was a mistake :smiley: That might be tricky to fix annoyingly, without some hacky code because I obviously cant invalidate any existing content. Argggh :smiley:

Ok found and fixed this one for the next update. It was just bad data :(.

oh yeah, another (minor) one I never got around to reporting:

if you change speed (to say 4.0x) during a battle. the game would return to running at 1.0x on your next one. However, the speed dial would still show your previous value. this updates correctly when you change battle speed again so I guess it’s not that big a deal, but figured you might like to know anyway

Hmm I can’t replicate this at all, it goes back to 1x speed, and the indicator also shows 1x, don’t forget 1x speed is the indicator 1/4 full.

weird… I’ll try again when I play

looks like the speed indicator thing only happens if you esc out mid battle.

also: playing on 1280x800, the text sometimes go outside of the buttons

the sundance dreadnought in the last mission had this happen to it (dk about other sundances though)

as you can see, despite being at 17% hull, she doesn’t have a single scratch on her. All projectiles/beams/whatever targeting the ship seems to instead target the point of space slightly to the lower right (where the red beam and missiles converge, it’s not a fighter or anything).

also the game has a tendency to crash when you alttab and come back, dk if that’s just me

another one, might as well pile them on…

i made a boat, now for some inexplicable reason it’s a box… kinda hard to explain so here

visual view is completely blocked:

module view looks like this:

looks almost like I’m deploying borg cubes:

when I fight with these they automatically crash the game

ship file attached below
dn3.rar (2.75 KB)

Hi, this is a new modded hull you have put together?

nope. as you can see it’s a yoo’tan hull based on the blackbeard

Could you email me the ship design file?