1.22 notes

I counted amount of policies in each country (selecting lines in notepad++ is quick way to do so):

Australia - 86
UK - 89
USA - 93
Canada - 105
France - 105
Germany - 108
Spain - 119

It seems like Australia, UK and USA could have more policies.

Stuff in Overrides folder could be merged into game files

Plant Based Diets and Electric Cars Transition STILL have bugged membership cause link:

Should be Environmentalist_perc not Environmentalist_freq
Charity has Religious_perc in Causes part for example.

You should check everywhere if _perc and _freq aren’t misplaced

This policy needs increase and decrease costs swapped around:
It should be cheaper to increase it…

Nuclear policy always increase CO2 emissions.

Yikes, thanks for the feedback, it is most helpful. I will get these fixed as soon as I can.

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All fixed for the next update. Many thanks!

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Limit Automated Trading has “Circuit Breakers” listed twice as discrete options.
This means there is one step too much, or not enough descriptions.

Rename “NONE” to “MINIMUM” slider description.

Cryptocurrency Taxation still has extremely weird income scaling:
When Cryptocurrency Adaptation is at 100%, Cryptocurrency Tax income is multiplied by 0.3

Just make max multiplier of 1 and multiply this policy income by 0.3

Pollution situation is shifted by large constant from population simulation.
Maybe just change default level of pollution situation and remove this huge constant?

Why desalination plants have artificially doubled cost?

Fixed thanks. The desalination plant isn’t actually doubled, that costs is correct, its based 20% on population and 80% fixed, which is why that graph is the way it is. I admit thats a bit confusing :frowning:

Then you could increase policy cost by 80% and remove fixed cost boost from desalination plant.

Not quite related to 1.22… but if the “More Events” option wins out in the current poll, you could implement some EU-specific events for France, Germany, Spain, & Italy.

The biggest challenge to those 4 countries is not having access to Helicopter Money or Quantitative Easing, since they don’t control their currency. But the Eurozone could, as a whole, do things to help the economy, and that could be reflected in random events. Examples:

  1. The EU starts its own quantitative easing program when the global economy stat is low.
  2. When the global economy stat goes back high, it ends the program.

For EU countries, you could also set up a hardcoded bonus to:

  • international trade / foreign investment
  • both immigration & emigration (since it’s easier to move in/out of EU countries)
  • hardcoded increase to currency strength (since the strength of the Euro’s tied to the performance of ALL EU countries, not just the player’s)

These aren’t related to random events, but could help balance EU countries to make them less underpowered. That bonus 15%ish to GDP from Quantitative Easing & Helicopter Money on its low-inflation settings adds up quick, yanno?

Hmmm interesting. I don’t have a mechanism for events that are ongoing, but we could have an EU-specific situation that pumped money into the economy from the EU central bank. TBH I should also add a net contribution cost to the EU for countries where that is the case too…

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I reformed crime system, boosted education and health services and defunded military.

Won easily first term.

Duplicated effect in policy, rubber bullets have same issue with Luddite Riots duplicate effect

You should reduce unhappiness from mandatory school sports policy - its too high compared to other policies annoying Youth voter group.

Remove happiness boost from private pensions - its their money.

Make it change extremely slowly, and mainly related to low, middle and high earning simulations.
Essentially its savings of voter groups before they become retired.

Voters should always join pressure group/terrorist groups when relevant voter group happiness is too low.
Conservatives, capitalists, socialists and liberals always exist - if those voter group happiness is <33% then its likely they join terrorist group.
If its <50% - then they will join pressure groups.
Same thing with all other voter groups.
Pressure groups should suggest policies to implement, change or cancel.

Voter group distribution on political compass should be normal (densest in middle, rarer close to extremes).
Also spread should be much bigger.
Voters should be able to be both capitalist/socialist and conservative/liberal, if they aren’t too extreme.
Now its extremely unrealistic - when they move 1mm on compass they will suddenly stop caring about their ideology and will immediately switch to opposite one.