[1.23] Bugreports and feature requests

First off, this game is made of pure awesomeness…very well done :slight_smile:
If only space combat in Master of Orion 3 could’ve been like this…

In other news, here are some things i encountered:
Things that are broken:

  • The game is not alt-tabable, whenever the game loses focus (intentional or not), alt-tabbing back to it gives me a maximized window with black contents. Please fix this :slight_smile:
    Edit: Starting the game, alt-tabbing out, directly alt-tabbing back in and clicking ‘Battle’ Gives me a runtime error.
  • There is a serious memoryleak somewhere when starting a new battle. I’ve seen memory-usage increase in steps of around 80MB per battle.
  • Some challenges (The Berlin Wall for example) crash upon clicking the [fight]-button in the fleet deployment screen. Fleet deployment is not saved.
  • Some challenges (Wayson’s “Beat palomer…for the lols” challenge) crashes after loading the battle and clicking to begin the fight. This counts as an attempt in the challenge history, but victory is impossible this way :stuck_out_tongue:
    It might be a good idea to check the challenge-file for illegal entries (challenge was created with ships from mods and the challenge taker doesn’t have this mod) or whatever causes the game to crash and mention this (and not allow the fight to start, of course)
  • The game does not support multiple cpu cores. (At least, it only uses one). Given the fact that most cpu’s have more than one core, this might be a good idea to support.
  • When cpupower is maxed out, the audio starts to click and pop now and then during battle (especially at increased time compression levels).

Things that might be broken (or unbalanced):

  • Friendly ships with multiple target painters (on equipped on the same ship) use those painters on the same target ship. This is sub-optimal since one target painter is enough per target.
  • ECM defence module doesn’t seem to do a whole lot…i’ve equipped two on a cruiser and it still gets disabled quite often. Might need a boost :slight_smile:
  • Shield modules that are damaged but are repaired using autorepair modules do not recharge their part of the shield.
  • In combat, you can’t see which ship you currently have selected.
  • When dragging the universe around to see what’s happening around the corner, the selected ship gets unselected.
  • When clicking on a ship, you can automatically select a gun. Great, but sometimes i just want to select the ship and not see a $random_gun’s range. Perhaps only select the gun once you’ve already selected the ship?


  • Being able to filter the challenge list by challenges that i’ve already won
  • Being able to filter challenges that have ships/modules
  • Whenever you win a challenge, it always reports that i’ve earned 0 honor. This might need some work (online-only honor for my e-peen?) combined with player stats somewhere? Also, reporting back to the masses how many fleetpoints you still had left at the start (otherwise winning with only 10% of your starting points doesn’t mean much) and end of the battle might be nice.

Edit: Some more things:

  • Missile explosions don’t scale properly when zooming. When fully zoomed in, an explosion is as big as a cruiser, while the same explosion when fully zoomed out is only 1/4th or 1/3th of the cruiser.
  • Pressing during battle pauses the game and presents you with a quit yes/no dialog. Pressing again unpauses the game, but the dialog remains.

i personally agree with most of this, but i do see 1 thing that i disagree with: the modded challenges part. personal modded challenges should be allowed so we can test new mods. unfortunately, i can’t seem to post challenges. well, i can, but they don’t show up. it’s weird.

I didn’t mean to disallow them at all. I meant to disallow them only if the mod is not present.
For instance if I have a vanilla GSB install, I don’t want to be able to select (and crash upon trying) challenges that use mods.

ah. ok.

The black screen happened to me when I had menu transitions on. This was due to some memory issues or something that some part of my computer couldn’t load the game up again because the game used too much memory because of those menu transition effects.

When I turned those off, alt tabbing worked again.

This could be the same issue with you.

I Can’t find any option named “menu transitions”.
Regardless, my workstation has 4GB ram, of which 2Gb is normally unused. I’ve never run out of memory because of GSB, so I don’t think memory is part of the issue.

it could still be video memory, which is what the transitions need. on high-res, it needs a lot of it. It’s an option under the options screen. Thanks for these suggestions and bug reports.