1.23 Humble store steam key / registration code / 1.25 patch

I just purchased this game through the Humble Store. (https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/gratuitousspacebattles2_storefront)
Same price as steam or GOG, for both DRM free and steam versions, and 10% of the price gets donated to charity, what’s not to like? Well, 3 things.

First, there was no steam key provided, just a note that “Steam keys will be available soon!” But I can download and play the drm-free version, just fine…
…until I choose “online” from the main menu, and it asks me for a registration code, which also doesn’t seem to have been provided anywhere.
And thirdly, the version I have is 1.23, and I see here that 1.25 is the current version. Is there some update system that I need to enable (after entering the registration code maybe?) A patch to download? (from where?) An updated installer to download? (from where?)

We have just sent the keys to humble for steam, and also provided them with an updated build but it takes a while for all of this to filter through to their support people, and then the customers :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I just have to wait for humble for the steaming and updating then :frowning:

Will that also solve the missing registration code, or is that a separate issue? I assume that’s also a problem at their end rather than yours; is it also in the pipeline, or something they already should have been providing, or is there a separate mechanism that should be providing it?

To be honest I don’t know how they issue the codes to people who already bought, I assume they either email you, or they update the page with your download links on it? Have you tried checking that? if not, email them. TBH I don’t know much about the humble store myself.

They normally provide codes along with the download links, but there was (and still is) none with GSB2. I’ve already raised a support ticket with them, but I’m still waiting for a response, and their support site warned when I submitted it that “Current expected wait time for first response is five business days.”

At least I can play the campaign while waiting :slight_smile:

Update: Some time in the past couple of hours, humble store started providing steam keys. The steam version has a registration code, and is version 1.25. So all problems solved :slight_smile:
(for me, anyway. Humble store customers who don’t use steam will still be lacking registration codes and updates, but hopefully humble will sort that out soon)