[1.24] Rebel missile turrets are not displaying correctly

I noticed that Rebel Cruiser Missile and Multiple Warhead missile turrets are invisible on the battle screen. Also, the other Rebel missile turrets are not rendering correctly. I first saw this yesterday while still running version 1.23. At first I thought I had corrupted some configuration files by mistake, so I redownloaded the GSB installer from BT micro, uninstalled 1.23 and reinstalled the GSB from scratch. I removed my old settings folder from My Games and started a new one from scratch just to be on the safe side.

Also I noticed these lines in my errors.txt yesterday when I found the bug. The “Turret mapping not found error” showed up yesterday when I was still running 1.23, but I didn’t find any messages in errors.txt while running 1.24.

15/11/2009 - 3::5 - Attempt to remove non-existant ship:…\src\SIM_DeployedFleet.cpp 62
15/11/2009 - 6::30 - Turret mapping not found [turret_plasma_v4] ==> [rebel]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 214

The frigate anti-fighter missile turrets and EMP missile turrets were also invisible yesterday, so there may be a few other errors like this too. There’s one more turret bug too: It seems the turrets icons in the status bar do not match up with the turrets that are rendered on the ships. For instance, the Megaton and Decoy turrets have an orange stripe on them, but they show up as gray turrets without the orange stripe on the ship.

So yeah, it looks like the Rebel engineers have developed a plan to confuse all their enemies by repainting their missile turrets in different colors. Very sneaky of them. :

Strange, I haven’t had any issues. (well, I am using 1.23, so…)

Have you been using Cruiser Missiles and Multiple Warhead Missiles, Anti-Fighter Missiles or EMP Missiles? These are the ones that don’t render at all for me and which are the most noticeable. I didn’t notice the incorrect turret icons until I started looking more closely.

No, everything works for me, so I have no idea what could be wrong.

Strange… Which version of Windows are you running? I’m running XP, and I would have expected if anything that there would be less issues in XP.

Vista, so yeah, you must be having some problems :smiley:

Yup, this is a bug that will be fixed in version 1.25. The turret mapping error is a separate issue I am still working on.