1.25 Can't place component into weapon slot


Yootan Sundance class dreadnought. In the second clump of weapon slots from the front (I hope that makes sense), I am unable to get a weapon into the center slot. It always drops the weapon into one of the surrounding slots.


is this with a small screen resolution? The slots may be too close together, I’ll move them out a bit for the next patch. Thanks for reporting it.


I was having this problem on 1920x1080, so I don’t think screen resolution is the issue. Didn’t think it was bad enough to constitute a bug though

glad that’s being fixed nevertheless :smiley:


running at 1920x1200 borderless


Ok this will be much better in the next patch…


Cliff, is whatever repair you’re doing for this problem related at all to the prior discovery made in this thread here?
[ http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=10570#p71238 ]

I hope so, because the linked post strongly suggests that it’s higher screen resolutions which are triggering this problem with the slots. This may very well be parallel to - but separate from - whatever the issue is with slots in the Ship Design screen at smaller resolutions. This is well worth pursuing.

As shown in the link, 1920x1080 appears to be some kind of trigger threshold for the crazy-huge slots. 1680x1050 is my current screen’s limit, and I have never once experienced this problem with GSB2 which numerous others have complained about. Dragging the module slots farther and farther away from the hull edge (as seen in the Ship Design screen) while spreading the turret slots ever-farther apart would therefore seem to be unable to permanently kill the problem at its source. Your thoughts?