1.25 Loading saved deployment crashes

Had a couple problems last night which may be the same problem or may not. I’ll try to give as much detail as I can.
Playing as Yootan, trying to beat Malvastaxx using only frigates or lighter craft. I had a fairly large cluster of them in a formation. After losing, decided to add a bunch more so hilighted about half of what was already deployed, saved it as a sub-deployment and then loaded that sub deployment. Upon launching the battle, the game crashed with a message “Failed to find formation offset:.\src\SIM_Behavior.cpp 210”. This was a repeatable bug that I was able to get around by removing the formation order from everything and reissuing it. Doing that allowed me to run the battle, but afterwards from the battle menu, whenever I select Malvastaxx, the game immediately crashes to desktop.

There was a bug with super-big formations but it should be fixed in the next patch :smiley: