1.26 No damage nukes?

hmmm… The left half of the image is less useful than the right half, but suffice it to say that my fleet tore up the challenge with mostly nukes that according to the final tally didn’t do any damage. I believe the nuke is doing what it is supposed to (actual physical damage, but no radiation damage because the enemy has protection against that) but the stats only seem to be reflecting the radiation damage that the nuke of course didn’t do.

Double checked, nukes are really just dirty bombs that aren’t supposed to do damage. Perhaps the decoys are making my torpedoes really really effective?

Another thing I noticed – the shield disruptor bomb can be a serious game changer but then the final tally reports that it did 0 damage (expected) but also that it never hit anything (not true!)

I need to stroke my chin and think about this quite a bit. The problem is that shield disruption is like ECM, it can be very effective, but can’t really be judged in a mathematical way against stuff that does normal damage. The same is true of radiation damage, which is harder to track.
I guess one solution is just to exempt those sorts of modules from the post-game stats, but that seems hacky. I shall give it some thought.

I can understand ECM since it has no damage to track. You’d have to make a seperate tracker for it, maybe on that tracks how many times ECM hit/how many seconds enemy ships were disabled/ etc.

But isn’t radiation damage over time? Maybe I’m not understanding how it works.

Yes it is, absolutely, it could be tracked, its just a bit complex in code because there is an actual database in game of each shot and how it did, and that means tying a (currently temporary) database entry to an ongoing radiation thingy…its just a bit fiddly :smiley: