1.27 notes

GDP needs to be split into GDP, GDP Growth and GDP/Capita.

It fluctuates like it was GDP growth.

Unused strings aren’t removed from translations.

Unused sliders aren’t removed yet
research DISCRETE 0
retirementdisclosure DISCRETE 5

Stuff in Overrides folder isn’t merged yet.

Suggestion: Make “No Political Capital” mode ALWAYS show hidden effects - stuff like terrorism, or situations, that are inactive.
This would make modding and debugging easier, if you always could see everything.

Game has severe trouble with calculating voter incomes in South Korea - it uses 1000x bigger numbers than other countries.


I have to disagree with the splitting GDP up into 3 different components. It adds a level of complexity to a game that might be fine for the 5-10% of players that interact with the forum and thus are likely more politically and economically astute than the average player, but it would prove highly problematic for the average player.

To keep things (relatively) simple and to ensure that an already fairly complex game remains playable for the average person, I don’t think this would be a good idea - even if players like you or I would personally enjoy it.

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Wow, good spot on the south korea numbers thing. Frankly its about time they decided on using a new term to mean a thousand won, because at this rate a cup of coffee is going to cost a quintillion won at some point!