1.28 Misc. Issues

Hi, had been writing down some bugs as I encountered them, but if I don’t post 'em here they won’t do any good! So here ya go, in no particular order.

One of the most annoying things I’ve found is that if you are in the ship designer and exit without saving it will delete a ship hull (if you were working on a pre-existing hull it will delete that one, otherwise it deletes a somewhat random one) completely from the game until you restart, at which point it’s back.

I know it’s been mentioned but I’m still sometimes loading plain bright rectangles instead of ships for the battle, their decoy projectors show the same thing. There are various forms of this, including black rectangles and extremely bright rectangles and it can happen with debris too, although to be fair, this seems less frequent lately.

One extremely obvious thing that I haven’t seen mentioned is that the background planets depth is above that of the range indicators when selecting an individual ship, so the planet visually blocks the UI. This seems to be true on every map.

I’ve seen explosions persist for an entire battle, usually the small burning kind that a ship gets when taking hull damage. Possibly the effect is not being destroyed when the ship it belongs to dies.

Some challenges that appear blatantly obscene and were probably removed are still viewable from the challenges main menu, but then it will say it’s unavailable.

I have been sent retaliations in between versions being updated that I can’t open at all, they crash the game. Two retaliations, each from a different sender sent around the same time both give me the same error, I just went to get the actual error, and now they are running fine. It was something about failing to load something or other.

The game is crashing right at the end of a battle or at the very beginning when I click to start maybe 10% of the time. I love GSB Cliffski and I was an automatic sale, but this ship you’ve got us all aboard is full of holes mate! Why did you rush it?

Hi. If you empty this folder:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles 2\composites

Does that fix it? It should do.

I’m trying, but I just can’t reproduce this. It must be something more complex. If I go into the ship editor, load up a ship design, make some changes,m then hit escape, ignore the warning…
And then go back into the ship designer, that design is still there. What is different about how you are seeing the bug crop up?

I liked that :smiley: But nobody else did…so I’m changing it in the next patch…

I pretty much always edit my ships by going to the challenge and then hitting new ship to get to the editor. Try doing it from there?

BTW I go to the editor that way because I can’t sort the huge list of hulls by race when I go to the editor right off. Would like to see the race by the name of the hull or some show/hide race buttons.

Cleared out that folder Cliffski, but the issue popped up today again, this time it’s big purple boxes for ship debris from a purple ship. The ship however, looked fine. Seems like it can happen to almost any sprite, but a lot of debris is doing this.


Just had an interesting one, picked this rediculous challenge that had 9,999,999 resource limit and was naturally crashing pretty hard when I was trying to actually put that many ships down, so I ended up deploying only about 1,000,000 worth and it loaded and played through, I was able to rate it and retaliate, and it was pretty awesome but then it froze when I went to check stats. After restarting the game I found that my victory didn’t register even though I dropped a retaliation.

It’s kinda painful to actually get to the victory screen but not have it count.

If you’re viewing a challenge that you’ve already retaliated to there is a weird thing that can happen with the Enjoyment/Difficulty hover.

If you hover over Enjoyment first and then drag the mouse down to Difficulty it will still say Enjoyment. Not 100% of the time but usually. If you can’t replicate I’ll see if there’s any other factors but it seems like that’s it.