1.29 Steam - Graphics bug, turrets have wrong colour?

I’ve been fiddlin’ with the ship builder lately. In the builder you can change the colour of the ship turrets in the menu. In battle mode however the turrets seems to be grey, no matter what colour you set in ship builder.

Hi, I just tested this, and they look the right color in my test. The turrets are set to the color of the hull. In some cases, hulls have two layers and so do turrets, so you will have two-color turrets, but the in-battle and in-editor turrets should look the same color.
Is this PC or Mac or Linux?

Yes, I know that they follow the hull color in the editor. I’ve never gotten that color ingame though. PC, Windows 8.1

Could you post here the contents of the ship design file for any ship that should have colored turrets but does not?
Also, can you check out this folder:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles2\composites

You should have appropriate colored turret graphics in there for each ship, for example…armored titan cruiser_turret_F1_Turret_Energy1.dds
You might not be able to read or open a dds file, but if you do have those turret files, can you email a sample one to me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.
Basically either the turret graphics are not being written to disk correctly, or at all, and I need to work out which (and then why!).
I’m assuming otherwise your ships look ok?

Here is one of the ships, called Redeemer 2. I’ll mail you the files.

Edit: Other than that my ships look ok, except that I cannot seem to be able to hide the hull in 1.31. I made a new thread about it.