1.29: Units holding fire

After seeing Alekan discuss it here: http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=11155#p72590

I am also frequently observing particular unit of mine holding fire. In this case they are using fast missile launchers, and are easily in range of a large number of enemy vessels that they have orders to attack.

It is difficult to tell, but gunners may be selecting units that are slightly out of range. On it’s own, this is infrequent at the most.

However, the effect is exacerbated tenfold with vulture and cooperative orders. Removing these orders can turn close matches into dramatic routs - something is up.

I did also observe the same as yurch. In my case my ship was using cruiser pulse lasers.

1.31: here’s a shot

Why is this beam laser holding fire?

In this instance, the unit has cooperative orders, with a fairly high priority of attack dreads over cruisers.

1.32: Here is my carrier, sitting in range of many, many targets. It is holding fire with all six of it’s weapons as it gets pelted with missiles:

This ship has no other orders besides basic attack.

Are your enemy units using hologram projectors (or whatever those things are called)? I’ve noticed my cruisers will target the images instead of the real ships, which is what’s expected, but when the images fade, the cruisers ignore the real ships even when they’re at the same range. When the image is projected again, the cruisers start firing again. I mean, I’ve seen this hold fire problem in scenarios without image projectors; it’s just that it’s really obvious that real enemy ships are in range when the cruisers start firing past multiple units to aim at a false target which is in the middle of a pack of real enemy ships.

This bug still exists in version 1.40 and it’s heavely impacting the outcome of battles.

Today some of my frigates radiation guns did not want to fire for a long, long time (maybe 7 seconds) although many targets were in range.

  • I did zoom in and center the view (to avoid a ‘parallax view issue’ regarding the weapons range)
  • The weapons were loaded and undamaged
  • The weapons were in a slot with 360° firing arc
  • Frigate systems were not scrambled

In all this time they could have shot about 20 times and do tons of damage. Instead they got their shields taken down, their armor and part of the hull. Finally they did shoot a few times just before they exploded… not exactly what I had planned.