1.31 gameplay experience and suggestions

fresh tycoon game, good art style, good perfomance
no competitive economy, lack of engine details

Interface UX notes:

  1. 1920*1080 fullscreen. Ingame “Slots” menu, left side panel with structure blueprints. Too small coliders on folder buttons ( with “+” symbol “Fit body”, “Fit engine”). It’s hard to aim at center of button.
  2. No target cell or structure highlight when in demolishion mode.
  3. I was to lazy and skiped some tutorials. It was hard to undestand how to demolish conveyors only. Solution: when demolition mode(dozer button) is one show help text somewhere.
    4*. No option demolish something by grid selection (delete something by drag and drop in demolition mode). Example: drag area 45 cells with pressed shift, targeted resourse conveyors will be highlighted, drop, targets demolition.
    . Turn off demolition mode(dozer button) problem… User got mouse cursor with “Dozer” art on int, wants to exit from demolition mod. Based on structure construction experience: Left mouse button is for “confirm action” so user is forced to press Right mouse button to “Cancel”. Right mouse button was pressed Demolition mode is now off. And by the way if some structure was under cursor it was also deleted. Sic.
    6*. User cant cancel drag and drop conveyor blueprint of any kind by pressing right mouse button.
  4. Art problem “engine fit station” engine art has no gear box.
  • Total user missleading experience abot Right and Left mouse button. What works for single structures doesnt work for drag and drop plus some cases.

Suggested technolgy list:

  1. Add to car design builder oportunity to select item from a list.
    1a. Ability to research and choose engine
    i4, i6, V6, V8, H4?.. Diesel? Hybrid?
    Turbine instalation(petrol, diesel)
    Engine arrives to factory assembled with gearbox. Player just orders it from car designer. Different prices on engines.
  2. windscreen wipers instalation/production.
    3.In game techonolgy “Touchscreen interface” does exist. But no “Onboard Computer and Data Handling”, “button interface”. To add.

Suggested car bodies

  1. Standart body type.
    sedan -> coupe, hatchback, ( maybe universal)
    Example: Honda Civic
    Sizes: small, medium, full size
    Example: Skoda Rapid, Octavia, Superb
  2. sport body-> sport coupe, hatchback -> open-top
    3.crossover SUV
    Small (BMW X1) -> Medium(Mazda CX-7) -> Full Size(Ford Explorer)

Suggested game mechanic:
Car technology refinment. Car design operational report analysis.
Player must build QA analyst dep. to receive car operational reports data from customers. Reports is all about overall satisfaction of a car design. More satisfaction more a design sales. Number of departments shortens time of data gathering .

Example of car operational report:
name: Sedan
car part, satisfaction of customers
In-car music, 38%
Power steering, 75%

After design report acquiring, player can go to research lab and refine already opened technologies. Result of refinement not always positive. Part stats changes will be applied to design automaticly and will be reflected in new QA report as soon as new design will be sold and QA data gathered.
By this mechanic game may introduce car design rivalry. Player can gather data about rival AI car design and satisfaction. See why own car designs are poor or good and how to fix sales rate.

Thank you for your time.

On a very regular basis, I click to place a conveyor, or remove something, and then hit the escape button to cancel the placement, which is universal behavior for every game I know of with similar mechanisms. They may also have other ways to cancel, but escape always works.

Then I’m reminded that it doesn’t work in this game, and I’m forced to demolish or buy something.

Thanks for all your feedback it is most helpful I do have plans to include hybrid and electric engines along with different levels of engine performance during the games time in Early Access.
Regarding the clumsiness of the UI for object deletion… that is also on my todo list. I agree its pretty annoying.

Thanks for quick answer.

I’m done with late game. Here goes experience:

A. Once again. Add to car design builder oportunity to select item from a list.
It’s hard to undestand what parts do exclude each other. (Car lights, ait conditioning, roof etc)

B. Any work station info panel (i.e. “Fit exhaust” station) issues.
b-1. No option to see “efficiency” per rime unit (per hour, day)
b-2. Button Configure imports. It’s a small and unappealing text. Couldn’t find out this is no text but button for some time.

C. Drastic difference of overall IRL car assembly proccess. I expected more like IRL implementation. So sad much disapointed wow.
List of existing issues:

  1. “Chassis assemble” station as in game is only applicable for “4*4 offroad” cars. Car body is chassis for sedan, sport, compact, suv body types already by itself.
  2. Door parts instalation happens at too early stages. Painted doors instatlation goes after interior work is finished and doors assembled sepparatly.
  3. Electric devices and glass instalation happens before paint work.

Game have predescribed car assembly process:

  1. Chassis assembly 2. Fit body 3. Paint works 4. Fit engine 5. Fit accessories 6. Fit electronics 7. QA 8. Export.
    Let’s shuffle what game has. Closer to IRL would be:
  2. Fit body 2. Paint works 3. Fit accessories 4. Fit electronics 5. Chassis assembly 6. Fit engine 7. QA 8. Export.
    Plus work on relocation of glasswork instalation and instalation of electric options (i.e. reversing camera) to stages after paint works.

Chassis assemble requires rework for diversity.

  1. 4*4 Body. While body and doors prepared separatly. Frame (“undercarriage”), front axle(brakes and suspension), rear axle, drive shaft, engine to frame instalation. Only after goes merging assembled painted body with frame(with engine already). Exterior, interior work, doors intalation.
  2. AWD, RWD cars with engine in front (all body types, SUV here too). While body and doors prepared separatly. Front suspension (levers, springs, shock absorber, brakes), engine to front suspension instalation, rear axle, rear suspension, drive shaft. Only after goes merging assembled painted body with rear and front(engine here) suspension. Exterior, interior work, doors intalation.
  3. RWD cars with engine in back. Look pt.2, engine goes in pair with rear suspension instead of front and no shaft.
  4. FWD cars. While body and doors prepared separatly. Front suspension, engine to front suspension instalation. Only after goes merging assembled painted body with front(engine here) suspension, rear suspension instalation. Exterior, interior work, doors intalation.

I know assemble it’s too complicated schemes. But It’s clearly not enough to produce SUV only by bogy design.

Thank you for your time reading.