1.31: problems with Custom Battles

i really liked the addition of customs battles to the game and was trying to use this option. it is still a work in progress. i could only save ai generated deployments as sub directories for later reloading. i think the player and ai have to use the same race. the game crashed too much to check out other oddities.

the custom battles option is very touchy and has to be handled with kid gloves. it frequently crashes. it took down my system eventually. when i recovered the system i found that portions of the gsb2 game were now unaccessible. i removed player created custom scenario files from the main gsb2 data storage file. this did not solve the problems. i then redownloaded gsb2 from gog twice. the access problems still persisted.

finally, i backed up my system from a previous system image, then redownloaded gsb2 from gog again. this action worked. unfortunately, i lost my gsb2 player history and would have to start from the tutorials again, no honors, no challenges, etc. this was quite a letdown for me. i thought i was doing well with gsb2.

a word to the wise, be very careful using custom battles until it is well patched.

Hi, what exactly do you mean that portions of the game were inaccessible? I dont understand that. Do you have exact steps you take which cause a crash?

Hey Cliffski, Custom Battles (Steam version, Windows 8.1) does not work for me either. There are two problems.

First is that the initial Custom Battles screen loads with a blank map – no deployment zones or objects. I cannot create any deployment zones, so I cannot deploy any fleets. Going to the load scenario screen the game crashes when I try to load without selecting a file.
I have gotten quite a few crash messages about not being able to load a scenario245. There is nothing in my Custom Scenarios folder in documents; I can only assume I do not have the default custom scenario or something. Re-validating game files does not solve the problem.

The second problem is that Custom Battles seems to ‘require’ certain video settings. I run windowed borderless on one monitor (although I have multiple monitors), and Custom Battles always attempts to change the video settings to Full Screen. I did a test where I made the prefs.ini Read Only with Windowed and Borderless – GSB2 loads fine and works fine (can challenge and normal battle), but clicking on Custom Battles will always result in a crash.

A fresh steam and GSB2 install on a second computer (Surface 3 Pro) gave me the same results for both issues. Only difference is that Custom Battles crashes on clicking on the button every single time no matter what the video settings are. Everything else in GSB2 works without issues on both computers…

Yikes, I shall try and get this fixed ASAP.

edit: hold on… I can’t reproduce this problem. If I go into custom map, the screen is black, but you can then add nebulas, planets etc. If you click the player dep or ai dep button you can then draw a deployment rectangle. Is that not working?
Have you seen this video:

…looks like I didn’t try to drag a deployment box. I did look at the video the day it was posted, but I guess I missed that.

If you remove all custom scenarios (no scenarios in the load sub-menu) and hit the load button, the game crashes;
Missing scenario file:…\src\SIM_Scenario.cpp 245

The GFX issue is a major problem. Custom Battles crashes all the time when I click the button; I got it to work 1 out of 10 tries on the Surface.

sorry for the late reply. the portion of the program that was most unaccessible was the custom battles section. strange as it may seem, that portion of the program was unavailable when the game restarted. no matter what I did I could not get to it. other portions of the game were acting very strangely also. I think the file handling routines were most affected. files were being renamed by the program not me. files and deployments were being permanently lost. I am not an amateur when it comes to computers. this program had real problems. I am glad I was eventually able to recover and clear my system. I have not used custom battles since. gsb2 has crashed my system since, but I have been able to recover just using the windows 7 recovery disk instead of an image rebuild. I don’t blame you for these problems. I have played many video games that are worse. the public accepts problems with video games.