1.32 Capitalization errors that still remain

  1. Sample Destroyer and Sample Dreadnaught need to be capitalized.

  2. Under Battle, on the Select Mission screen (with all the planets), the Map Sizes need to be capitalized (i.e. “Large” instead of “large”).

  3. Under Research, in the Hulls tab, the various race names are not capitalized. They’re correct for the modules, but not for the hulls.

These certainly detract from my own enjoyment of the game, and I know several other players reported #1 during beta. We still have to see these typo errors every time we press the Load button. It would be great to finally have them fixed.


Cliffski, now that you’ve had the big 1.35 release, these typos still remain. Please add these to the to-do list. It should literally only take one minute to fix them.