1.32: Fighters cycling endlessly in carrier

I’m noting squads and squads of fighters ejecting and re-entering my carriers, eventually trapping all fighters in an increasing backlog. It appears that damaged armor plates aren’t getting repaired, and the new armor-aware ‘cautious’ order is causing the unit(and any squad following) to retreat back in immediately.

This can be observed on the fighters through the right-click menu. They are getting hull repairs and refuels. The carrier is not out of supplies.

LOL. Some NCO is going to get chewed out for following orders way too literally.

This bug is still in the game as of version 1.38. This is preventing the use of armored fighters and the cautious order.

Interesting…I shall investigate. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi, I just did some checking, and thought I’d found the problem, but then realised it was a failure to dock, not a re-launching issue. Let me know if this describes your problem. (I watched a damaged fighter dock, get repaired, get its armor repaired, then undock fine).
With certain arrangements of fighter design, their turning circle can be really big, but their AI has no clue as to this, so they try to dock but they physically cannot turn fast enough to ever reach their chosen carrier. If you slow them down, or give them a tighter turn ability with thrusters, they dock fine.

Obviously thats still a bug, but before fixing it (I was going to have them intentionally slow down when they find themselves unable to turn to reach their destination carrier), I want to check that is what you are experiencing first.

Not in this case. They’re definitely hitting the carrier because I can follow their fuel and hull points going back up through the right click interface. The plates just aren’t getting replaced/repaired - they eject from the carrier with 60% armor and the (heading for repair…) order already in place.

The carrier is a Dread with 6x reinforced carrier bays. Also, I’ve noticed (due to the volume of returning units) that the carrier bays stop distributing evenly once there’s 10 units in each bay - at some point everything shunts into the first slot and you’ll see 70+ fighters in one with 10 in all the rest.

Aha…looks like I’ve tracked it down. I’ll fix this ready for the next patch, many thanks for letting me know. A dreadnought with 6 carrier bays is…kinda fun :D.