1.35 & .36 Windows/Steam - crash midway through battles

Windows 7(x64) home premium v 6.1.7601
service pack 1

video card:
Geforce GT 650M
driver version 353.06

This is the Steam version of the game by the way.

I’ve only been able to complete the two really short tutorial battles. Everything else crashes after about 5 minutes. Changing the game speed seems to make it more likely to happen more quickly but it does still happen most of the time even on normal speed. This happened both on 1.35 and .36.

Update: I put the game on compatibility mode for windows XP sp3 and it’s improved a bit. I’ve managed to complete a few battles and vary the game speed without crashing. I still get intermittent, seemingly random crashes though.

I’ve also noticed an issue with the visual editor. Parts tend to move around, it’s especially noticeable with lights.